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Mirrors: direct
Secret Space Encryptor for Android version 1.7.3 (Google Play)
(file encryption, text encryption, password manager) | more

iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod):
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ParanoiaTextEncryption.ipa Paranoia Text Encryption for iOS PRO version 2.3 (Apple App Store)
(Threefish 1024 bits and SHACAL-2 512 bits algorithms included) | more
ParanoiaTextEncryption.ipa Paranoia Text Encryption for iOS Lite version 2.3 (Apple App Store)
(free version)

PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ...):
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Mirrors: GIGA
Paranoia Text Encryption for Windows (version 12R5C) | more Paranoia Text Encryption for PC (version 12R5C) | more
Cross Platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ...) - runnable JAR File (Java)
Mirrors: Softpedia
GUI Version of the File Encryption for Windows (version 12R3E) | more GUI and CMD-line Version of the File Encryption for PC (version 12R3E/C) | more
Cross Platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ...) - runnable JAR Files (Java) (59.9MB) Paranoia Text Encryption (version 12R4E) + GUI/CMD File Encryption (version 12R3E/C)
+ Windows 32 Java 8
FAQ Note:
How to activate PRO features (Threefish 1024bit + SHACAL-2 512bit) in the Desktop Versions?
Run S.S.E. for Android Pro → Tap Other Utils → Tap Pro Desktop (PC) Versions Downloads and follow the instructions
Run P.T.E. for iOS Pro → Tap More (bottom right corner) → Tap About and scroll down for a red code

Online (web-based):
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 P.T.E. Online Web based Paranoia Text Encryption - tool for your web browser.
Fully client-side (JavaScript). Limited to AES algorithm.

Old Versions Pack (Obsolete - Format Version 1)
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RIP S.S.E. for Android 1.5.4 + P.T.E. for iOS 1.4 + PC versions 10R4A

Source Codes

File Comment MD5 Secret Space Encryptor 1.7.3 Source Code e0a137bf91bac900e7a1cd65bfdd8b68 Secret Space Encryptor 1.7.2c Source Code d2d985103796708c9e47a2efc686094c Secret Space Encryptor 1.7.1 Source Code 78a0db58ca404fe6a0b1b429a1d40f5b Secret Space Encryptor 1.7.0 Source Code 9953a4a4a12213d873a3573c1a426a62 Secret Space Encryptor 1.6.0c Source Code aa89362b71007756ca27784de774ca33 Secret Space Encryptor 1.5.4 Source Code 8cf92ec6c3d209304fec9120cb4855b6 Secret Space Encryptor 1.5.3 Source Code 712e356f5871f7a85b2ca35614c2ece9 Secret Space Encryptor 1.5.2 Source Code 2b1884de0aa1eed443ecf1ad8c7cdc89 Secret Space Encryptor 1.5.1c Source Code abbf0d9d72b34c050a859a7feb1f1806 Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.10 Source Code ce6dbc448cd8f818c0f40db25d19d780 Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.9 Source Code 9eebea2610ef3f3452d38fdbe95b6db9 Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.8 Source Code 8405088e9c36cfa9912183c74948abc6 Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.7 Source Code 947ad18fe83b7269cbe7715f70a00437 Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.6 Source Code 5de447e6bca29d854dea323f4ae69863 Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.5 Source Code 5bdd61e617f9b2e6b15f482f0213dd12 Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.4 Source Code cfcba41bf8d4054b95bfcee37f16d0cf Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.3 Source Code 256977b154261371d0d28fac0b2dcab3 Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.2 Source Code 354a4e433d6303145bd504a2b1f700ba Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.1 Source Code 2273db19a3a164c24bdff6faf10dc68d Secret Space Encryptor 1.4.0 Source Code a41b531ac72a915420b7531d3233f0c1 Secret Space Encryptor 1.3.3 Source Code c5e98c5832e28f941ffd9b42e7c5098a Secret Space Encryptor 1.3.2 Source Code e52b82852cfd321ec57731b145eba4a3 Secret Space Encryptor 1.3.1 Source Code 8da593f774ebbb2bfe9b703f2fcdb7e9 Secret Space Encryptor 1.3.0 Source Code 07736f79cecb337c6d65cb1c630613e8 Secret Space Encryptor 1.2.3 Source Code 208ef4d79f2c7832b6b444d497d262de Secret Space Encryptor 1.2.1 Source Code 42a3d29a59dc99f965ee002e5a27135d Secret Space Encryptor 1.1.0 Source Code d97b90266000f131decffe773466f07b Secret Space Encryptor 1.0 Source Code dc86c3fc0ef22439ec71ca48c0396a70 P.T.E. for PC (12R5C) Source Code 9f2af4996029c69c4c5aa596dca35367 S.S.E. File Enc. for PC (12R3E) Source Code 493d05f15349ddc1e7d6885a409efda3

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